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Enjoy the calmness and the coziness of small town in „The Old House“ Complex.

The restaurant complex is located on the downtown area of Oryahovo, on the square Diko Iliev and it is ideal for a family dinner or group events, parties, cocktails, children’s birthday parties and other events. Here, you can enjoy a splendid meal in the cozy atmosphere of a different place.

In the coffeehouse, part of “The Old House” Complex, you can find a wide variety of homemade pastry that are perfect in combination with coffee or tea.

Available for the guests of “The Old House”” Complex is a three-room apartment with two bedrooms, kitchen and dining room. The flat is fully furnished with everything you need for your pleasant stay.

The restaurant can offer its guests a varied cuisine depending on the occasion and personal preferences.

Escape the daily routine and enjoy the comfort and the relaxation!

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